Not Even South Africa Escaped Joan Rivers' Tongue Lashing | RIP Joan Rivers

The Queen of Shade, Joan Rivers, has finally given her last bow but it will take generations before the world forgets the acid-tounged, no fear or favour comedienne who took shots at everybody. Not even Mzansi was safe from Joan. When our country made headline news around the world, Joan was there to throw us some shade. Ask Oscar Pistorius ...

In April, Rivers while hosting Fashion Police on E! Entertainment (DStv 124) critiqued shoes by making a snide reference to Oscar Pistorius' trial for premeditated murder.

Referring to the gladiator style shoes worn by Hollywood celebrity Garcelle Beauvais to a charity event in Los Angeles, she said; 
"The footwear! I have not seen footwear this f- up since Oscar Pistorius wobbled to the witness stand. I'm sorry". 

"Joan!" screamed Fashion Police co-presenter Kelly Osbourne.
Two weeks later she took another shot at the paralympian. 

On another episode of Fashion Police she critiqued the outfit of singer and dancer Cat Graham, saying 
"Cat's outfit is so terrible on the scale of really bad ideas, it falls between marrying Charlie Sheen and using Oscar Pistorius' bathroom".

The Fashion Police studio audience let out an audible gasp. Again ... co-host Kelly Osbourne screamed, "Jooooan!"

In July she threw another jab at the Oscar Trail, but this time she referenced, in what others considered crass, Reeve Steenkamp. 

Disapproving of  American pop star Christina Aguilera's blonde hair with knotty cornrow braids, hair extensions and red highlights at the VH1 Music Awards as her 4th must-see look of 2000, she called it "the triple crown of skank do's".

"The last time I saw a blonde with red streaks in her hair she was laying on Oscar Pistorius' bathroom floor," she continued.
Her daughter Melissa Rivers gasped, then laughed.

It was not all shade that Ms Rivers showed South Africa. When our former president Nelson Mandela, Rovers was one of the many international celebrities who paid tribute to Madiba. 

She wrote on Facebook: 
 RIP Nelson Mandela. A great man, a brave man, and an inspiration to all.

Rivers died on Thursday, September 4th 2014, after being in a coma and life support for a week. She was 81. 

She will certainly be missed. 

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