SABC Confirms GM For TV Channels Leo Manne's Suspension

Leo Manne, the SABC's general manager for TV channels has been suspended.  today. The SABC confirmed on Friday that Leo Manne has been placed on suspension pending an investigatio n that the broadcaster is not open to sharing with the media at this stage. 

The SABC says Mr Manne will be on suspension for an indefinite period of time to allow investigations to take place.

Furthermore, the broadcaster says there is no immediate replacement at the SABC for the position, following Leo Manne's sudden suspension.

Leo Manne was the previous SABC1 channel head before being appointed the general manger of tv channels.

Speculations around the media circles is that Manne's suspension might have something to do with the barrage of bad decisions made regarding programming fiascos such as the Afrikaans news situation, sales commission issues and the biggest headache to the SABC at the moment — Generations.

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