Throng Of Wannabe Soap Stars Flock To Generations Auditions Held This Week

While the drama around the future of Generations continues to play out in the media and social platforms, the question has always been; what will happen next. In the latest development it looks like the producers have made their next move.  On Thursday, auditions for the show were held in Johannesburg. 

Actors were called to audition for Generations this week. Agencies were sent briefs under a cloak of secrecy to send actors to audition for the show.

In a move uncharacteristic of the Generations audition process, no specifics were given for characters. 

I am told that because of the situation the agencies ended-up sending a lot of people thus rendering the whole process to look like a cattle call — forcing some to question if some of the auditionees were proper actors.

Someone else tells me that the brief had asked for 3 people per character but it appeared that some people shared the information with friends. 

One actor tells me that the whole thing looked like even "fly-by-night agencies got the brief to send actors".
"Can you imagine 100 people auditioning for the Choppa character." he said
None of the producers attended the auditions. However, because of the number of people who attended auditions had to be extended to Friday. 

On Monday the fired principal actors held a joint press conference with Cosatu to urge viewers to boycott the show. 

The show’s creator told The Citizen this week that he was in a brainstorming and added; 
“I am busy re-writing the whole Generations. I can’t talk to the media at the moment.”
Earlier this week there were reports in the media that new contracts have been drawn up. The contracts supposedly promised the fired actors more money, longer contracts and annual increases. 

Further reports emerged over the weekend that former Generations stars, such as Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo, were being lured back to the show with a promise of big paycheques.

I quickly dismissed the report as I could not foresee these professional actors jeopardizing their credibility and relationship with peers in the industry by seemingly selling out for money.  

This week's surprise audition madness raises more questions than answers. 

Could this just be a Plan B test run for the producers to see if the fired actors can be replaced?

Does this mean the fired actors will NEVER return to the show?

Are the producers looking to produce a whole new show and cast so they were using old characters for auditions to throw inquisitive reporters like myself off? 

Only time will tell. 

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