Tyson Beckford To Star As A Stripper In A New Film

Forget about Magic Mike, if you are into some chocolate skinned brothas showing off their "gifts", model-actor Tyson Beckford's got you covered. Thanks to his sculpted physique and enviable bone structure, Beckford is about to have his devoted fans gasping for air as he struts his stuff in an up coming stripper film. 

Tyson Beckford will surely have the ladies, and some fellas,  whipped up into quite a frenzy as he strips off and gyrates onstage for new movie Chocolate City.

The 43-year-old actor has shared pictures of himself as he transforms into a sexy fireman to the delight of an excited all-female crowd in a scene for the movie.

Word surrounding the film is that Romeo Miller is out, and Robert Ri’chard is in!

Allegedly, Miller was kicked to the curb since he couldn’t quite get the required dance moves down. Basically, he doesn’t have that male stripper edge.

But Ri’chard — as his replacement — has the right stuff to play the male lead in what is already considered the black version of the popular film, “Magic Mike,”

Ri’chard shocked us this year with a raunchy photoshoot that showed off his great bod and edgy side to the former childstar.

Now he’ll star as a young college student named Devin who is sucked into the world of exotic dancing in order to pay bills in this film.

The film is being shot independently and footage has already linked online. Nu-Lite Entertainment is producing the film that is expected to be released sometime in 2015.

Some stills from the films:

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