Viewers Shun Cosatu's Call To Boycott Generations | Ratings Increase During the Boycott Week

COSATU got into the Generations drama fray last week by calling on viewers to boycott the show for this week, starting on Monday, 15 September and ending on Friday, 19 September. The latest stats however show that viewers' solidarity with the actors does not extend to their 8pm weekday appointment with the show. 

According to the available viewership numbers as supplied by TAMS, Generations viewers gave Cosatu and the fired cast the finger by tuning in in record numbers this past week. 

Viewership have peaked since the drama surrounding the show and during the "boycott" week trhey reached the highest margin for the year with a near 8 million viewership pull.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night of this week viewership averaged 7 882 395 viewers. 

Figures for Thursday and Friday aren't available yet but this is what the first three days of the week look like.

Average viewership

Monday, 15 October 2014 7 927 520
Tuesday, 16 October 2014 7 994 380
Wednesday, 17 October 2014 7 720 842

According to TVSA, 
When you contrast this with the average viewership for the final week of July - one of the final week's before the crisis erupted - you'll see that over 200 000 more viewers watched Generations this week than between 21 and 27 July. 7,651,000 viewers watched Generations that week.
This will certainly boost Mfundi Vundla's confidence that viewers will always be loyal to his show. 

This begs the question; Does this mean when Generations returns in 3 months, it will remain at the top ? 

My answer to that is a definite YES. Atleast for a while. The curiosity to see what the new Generations looks like will certainly drive viewers to tune but as to whether the show will be able to hold on to them depends solely on what the competition is doing in the absence of Generations to show that they can offer an alternative to rival the show. 

As for the Cosatu vs Generations duel; THE VIEWERS HAVE CHOSEN THE SIDE THEY SUPPORT!!

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