Zimbabwean-born Rapper Mischif Has Died

SA-based Zimbabwean rapper, Mizchif has died. News of Mizchif, whose real name is Hechechamunorwa "Chamu" Kwenda, were met with shock and dismay when it broke out on Twitter on Thursday evening. 

The rapper was a former VJ on Channel O and presented hip hop news on YFM back in the day.

He will most be remembered for his 2001 infectious hit “Summertime”.

He will also be remembered for his collaboration with the late South African R&B singer TK on the track "Place for a Wife"

Mizchif presented hip hop news on Johannesburg radio station Yfm. He was also a video jockey on Nasty, a hip hop show on MNET music channel, Channel O.

His album Supernatural (My Return), was released in September 2003 and nominated for the Best Hip Hop Album at the 2003 South African Music Awards.

Chamu's music addressed the realities of crime, gangsterism, prostitution and drug abuse.

He shared in 2000 that growing up he had no idea just how much talent he had until his father taught him to play the guitar.

He was just an ambitious seven-year-old oozing ideas and wandering the streets of Zimbabwe, New York, Cape Town and Johannesburg until he finally decided to make use of his talent.

As a youngster and a son of a church minister, he used to sing in church and had a strong Christian background but nothing could separate him from hip-hop.

Hechechamunorwa "Chamu" Kwenda aka Mischif was 38 years old. Circumstances that led to his death have yet to be revealed by his family.

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