Barbara Stresaind's Stepson Photographed Eating Out On A Rubbish Bin

We all would love to be related to a superstar like Barbara Streisand so we can get the perks, right? Well reality proves that being related to a star doesnt mean you get a free ride in life. Barbara Streisand’s stepson, Jess Brolin (and brother of actor Josh), has been caught rummaging through public trash cans and is suspected to be homeless, even though his family is worth $500 million.

Before you feel too sorry for him and start hating on his rich family, apparently, Jess received a six-figure trust fund when his biological mother, Jane Cameron Agee, passed away. But Jess has since lost his apartment he was renting and the money seemed to disappear, leaving him to fend for himself on the streets of California.

As for Streisand and her husband James Brolin, a spokesman for the family admitted they’ve done everything in their power to help Jess.

“We have offered help and support and we continue to do so,’ the spokesman said. ‘We love him very much and only want what is best for him.”
The 41-year-old reportedly lives on the streets of Ojai, California just a handful of miles from his father James and stepmother Barbra Streisand's Malibu estate.

Ya neh... this is a tough one. Should we ever give up on our family members? Is there a limit to how much we can continue to support or help our relatives?

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