Lerato Kganyago Blossoms As A Fashionista | Draws Inspiration From Beyoncé

Last year I wrote an article about Lerato Kganyago's disastrous outfit at the Feather Awards. As if to say "look at me now", The Link host showed up at this year's Feather Awards nominees announcement breakfast in Johannesburg looking AMAZING. Her new edgy hairstyle and that two-piece outfit did not just look good — that look was a fashion statement. 

There are people who buy clothes because they look good in them and that is pretty much what majority of the population on the planet does anyway. However, there are people who buy clothes based on the designer, the brand, the aesthetics, etc... these strange people are called STARS.

If that be the measure with which we gauge a public figure's stature in the business then Lerato Kganyago has certainly become a STAR in her own right. Our girl has found her fashion flair!

The SABC1 star, showed up at the Feathers event wearing a French fashion house of Hervé Léger outfit. The two piece ensemble was a Hervé Léger Sabrina Butterfly Jacquard two-piece. 

The designer combo has been worn in similar colour by Beyonce and Katy Perry. 

Paris Hilton has also been seen wearing a dress of a similar print from the same designer brand, though in a different colour. 

The two-piece retails between R3000 and R6000. Yah so it is not that cheap. 

Clearly Lerato has a statement to make and I love it. She is a gorgeous woman and if she is drawing fashion inspiration from Beyonce, she is definitely on the right path to become a style icon in her own right. 

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