Lunch With Fuze Tea For Their #TrySomethingNew Campaign

As part of Fuze tea™’s #TrySomethingNew campaign, selected consumers and media were treated to a unique taste experience at Full Stop Café in Parktown North, JHB on Saturday 25 October.

Fuze tea™ took over the restaurant and invited guests to step outside their comfort zones and order a mystery meal off their ‘surprise menu’. 

This was one of the challenges set by Fuze tea™ to encourage a dynamic, explorative and adventurous lifestyle in line with its #TrySomethingNew philosophy.

Guests were asked to choose a beef, fish or vegetarian option and, depending on their selection, received either a salmon, veggie or beef burger to enjoy while sipping on delicious Fuze tea™- inspired cocktails and mocktails.

“Full Stop is my local hang-out spot and I came hungry for the usual – until I walked through the door. I then decided to try something new, ordered the fish option, and to my surprise it was better than what I had expected and I loved the meal. It was well presented and went down well with the Red Fruits Fuze tea™,” said local Phindi.

“Fuze tea™ would like to encourage you step outside your comfort zone and #TrySomethingNew. Integrating more elements into your daily life and trying new things can result in something positive and inspiring,” says Fuze tea™ Brand Manager, Madeleine Colling. 
My friends and I had a great time. Thank you Fuze Tea and Eclipse PR.

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