My Week Captured With Samsung Galaxy S5

On Friday a package arrived at my place from the good folks at My World Of Tomorrow. In it was a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5. I am not a technical kind of guy, so I thought of how I can review the phone in a way that is organic to me. 

I am all about experience so what better way to use and test this phone than using it to give you guys a glimpse into my life as a blogger, brand influencer and entertainment commentator.

What immediately struck me with this gadget is that it is made for your convenience. Most phones I have used thus far are just a little too complicated. For instance, unlike iPhone where I have had to down load Apple software to retrieve my picture into my laptop, with Samsung all I had to do was just plug in it and I could add songs, copy picture and edit videos


My week with Samsung started with that little stint I do on Etv Sunrise with Penny Lebyane, Monday morning. 

I had not gotten used to the phone yet so the picture were not that great but still way better than the one I take with my other phone. 

After the show I had to rush to an interview with TCB


I had the pleasure of being invited to the nominees announcement breakfast for the Feather Awards. This is were the phone impressed me the most. Often when I am at an event like this it is imperative than I take pictures right there and tweet immediately. 

In the past I have had to wait til I get home and have the photographer send me the edited pictures before I can share them, but as you can see with this picture — I did not need to do that. The quality of this phone'f camera is amazing.

SABC1 star Zinaso Yolwa commented that she needs to get herself one after seeing the picture I took of her. Lerato Kganyao was equally impressed with how clear beautiful the pictures captured with this phone are. 


I had to be in the CBD on Wednesday. I love the restorations the city has done to the buildings. I also find the contrast between the new revamped part of town the gritty less kept up places  interesting. 

I used the phone to capture some of the images that caught my attention as I explored the streets of Jozi after my meeting. 


My Thursday started with a meeting at Rapid Blue with infectiously bubbly owner Kee-Lee Irvine. She executive produces shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, SA's Got Talent and Xfactor SA. 

This is where I had my moment with the EMMY!

The evening certainly belonged to Vodacom Deezer Launch. I attended the event with my photographer Sizo. 


Of course I love the phone. It is an upgrade from my iPhone4 which I have had for quite a while. 

I get to attend a lot of events and the phone has amazingly transformed my working experience. The Twitter app on it is fast, pictures look great and the phone itself is light in weight compared to my other phone — and I got it for free so obviously I will give it thumbs up!

That said, a good product deserves to be praised if need be and Samsung Galaxy S5 is one heck of slick gadget, that not only look good but is user friendly. 

There are also some nifty little stuff in the phone that impressed me. Like; 
  • Enable Finger Scanner
My favourite feature of the phone is the fingerprint scanner, which can be utilised for extra security among other things. You still can use a password for locking and unlocking your phone but you an added option to just use your finger print
  • Set up safety and emergency features
I have private stuff on my phone such as phone numbers of celebrities. Knowing that should I lose the phone I can wipe my phone's contents remotely is comforting. You can set-up a Samsung account and use it to locate, ring, or wipe your phone remotely. This feature also enables you to prevent the device from being reactivated if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • The phone is water resistant
I have since learned that the IP67 Certification on the Galaxy S5 means that it is dust proof and water resistant. This simply means that when I am at an event or out with my friends having a drink and I accidentally spill it on my phone I need not worry too much. Now don't go jumping in the pool with your phone. It is water RESISTANT not WATERPROOF. 
As great as the phone is, there were certain things about it that bothered me. The main this is that I could not have a flash light when I took selfies using Front-facing camera option. Not a good thing when I will be taking most of my picture at event at night. 

The memory size also did not sit well with me. This is just for me. I know for a lot of people 25GB is huge but my iPhone has 32GB so this felt like a bit of a drowngrade in that regard. Truth be told I have only used 12 of the 32 on my iPhone but I like the comfort of knowing that I have 32 instead of 20. 

Needless to say, I am enjoyed using the phone capturing a few moments of my work this week. 

Special thanks to My World Of Tomorrow for the hookup. Thank you @SamsungMobileSA for keeping up with my Twitter posts. I love dealing with cool brands so this was a fun exercise.

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