Rapper Ice Prince Adds TV Presenting To His CV | Joins Channel O As VJ

Naija rap superstar Ice Prince joins Channel O VJ Jojo as host on the brand new season of the channel's hit show “Top Ten Most.” 

Head of Channel O, Leslie Kasumba had this to say about the channel's latest VJ addition;
“Our choice of Ice Prince as host this season basically reflects what Top Ten Most is about; Swag, bragging rights and lots of numbers!” 
“ This season, we will be unveiling the biggest and most exciting Top Ten Most lists anyone has ever seen,” she added.
“Doing Top Ten Most alongside Jokate on Channel O was an exciting experience for me, noted Ice Prince. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the part of TV Host.”
Talking about her experience on set with Ice Prince, Channel O V.J Jokate says, 
“Ice Prince is one of the coolest super stars I’ve ever met; sit back and enjoy the ride; Top Ten Most this season is as cool as Ice!”

The weekly 14-part series ‘’Top 10 Most’’ is scheduled to premiere on the 8th of October and will feature never-before-seen Top 10 lists including;  

  • The Top Ten Most Bankable artists, 
  • Top 10 Most Swagged out artists, 
  • Top 10 Most Followed Kings and Queens of social media, 
  • Top 10 Most Game Changers and a few other surprise elements. 
Channel O is also giving a lucky viewer the chance to host an episode of the show by simply submitting the most creative list of Top 10 Most.

In the run up to the end of the year, the channel has also lined up exciting programming as well as the Channel O Awards which holds on Saturday, November  29th.

The countdown show which is in its second season is set to premiere on Channel O DSTV Channel 322 on Wednesday, October 8th at 19:00 C.A.T.


freckles said...

So should you not credit Theunis for the copy and paste jobs on this website?

Phil said...

Some education before you make assumptions. Publicists send the same answers and press releases to everyone. It is your prerogative to construct your article any way you choose.

And ... no information happens in a vacuum!

Phil said...

And what makes you think he did not copy me? #Lenyatso

freckles said...

Ok so please educate me. You get a press release and you just copy and paste it in edited to your blog? And wait... Other bloggers who presumably got the SAME release come and copy yours?

Jabu Makhoba - Ultraist said...

Lol - right!

Jabu Makhoba - Ultraist said...

I saw Theunis'. Who did it exactly. Great article by the way. I copied yours for my Facebook post, well, you'll get the credentials of course.

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