SABC1 Disqualifies Dishonest One Day Leader Contestant Jabulani Sibiya

Finally the SABC, particularly the host channel for One Day Leader, has taken a stand in an issue that has really been a muddy one on the channel's image. Concerns of favouritism arose when it was discovered that a Season 3 contestant of the show was actually related to an SABC senior employee. Contestant Jabulani Sibiya is SABC2 brand manager Nomfundo Sibiya's brother. 

That Jabulani Sibiya and his sister thought it ok to ignore the rules as stated in the contract, that no person with relations with the broadcaster is eligible, is shocking.

Further more shocking is that is has taken the SABC and the production company this long into the production to actually act on this. Does the production company not fact check the information potential contestants submit on their application?

This begs also the question; Did everyone know about this from the beginning and just chose to ignore it?   

With the third season of One Day Leader approaching the finals, concern has been growing about Jabulani Sibiya — with insiders and media struggling to understand why he was allowed to be on the shown in the first place, let alone progress to this point.

Now the SABC and Mountain Top Productions have decided to disqualify Jabulani Sibiya from One Day Leader for being dishonest, and for not telling the production company and keeping secret that he had a relative and family ties at the public broadcaster.

This is what the SABC had to say; 
"In the production company's first meeting with the contestants, the production house did ask them if they have family at Mountain Top or at the SABC, and they all said no. So as far as the production knew, he didn't have a relative at the SABC." 
"Also there's a clause in the contract that states declaration of relatives which Jabulani Sibiya signed." 
"Upon our investigation and receipt of all the facts and documentation on the contract we as SABC1 have taken an executive decision to disqualify the contestant from the competition," 
"This is due to to the above facts and the unfortunate reality of the contestant not being truthful in the required declarations. We will communicate the plan moving forward in terms of the finalists on the show in due course".

Jabulani Sibaya is currently a Marketing Management student at the University of Johannesburg and was mayor (in 2010 and 2011) of the Johannesburg junior council — according to the bio provided by the SABC. 

Well ... If this is how he intends to conduct his career then he will have a great future in politics.

In his Facebook page Jabulani Sibaya wrote; 
"with a broken heart I must still be accountable" and that "this is not the end of me".
Sadly for him, this whole situation has marred his character. He should have never entered the show to begin with. Failing that, he should have excused himself when his dishonesty was first discovered not wait to be kicked out. 

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