Survivor SA Winner Graham Puts A Ring On It

Eish sorry ladies! The incredibly polite and good-looking Survivor SA winner, Graham Jenneker, is reported to have kept his promise to propose to his girlfriend if he won. Word from the folks at Sowetan is that Graham has indeed proposed to his gorgeous girlfriend Erin.

Beside the shower episode that had girls and some boys gushing... one other memorable moment that amped up Graham's endearing quality with the fans was when Zavion Kotze asked him  how will the R1-million change his life.

He replied: "I wish to give my girlfriend a wedding she deserves."

You could almost hear a collective 'ahhhhhhhh' all over Mzansi as he uttered those romatic words.

On the show Graham came across as the likeable guy that everyone would want to be friends with. Even when he was being bad and naughty, he still did not cross the line of rubbing one the wrong way — a quality that won him a mil and now he will give his sweatheart the wedding "she deserves"

Graham Jenneker, a financial executive, confirmed to Sowetan that the wedding plans were in full swing after he proposed a few weeks ago. The paper adds that he also surprised Erin with a trip to Thailand -she thought they were going to Hermanus for the weekend.

On their return he proposed at their flat in Belville.

Congrats to Graham and Erin ... can't wait for the wedding pics. Better yet... send me that invite :-)

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