Tall Ass Mo And Trevor Gumbi To Star In Vuzu Amp's New Show — The Real Jozi A-Listers

News broke a week or so ago that one of the new shows that will debut with Vuzu's sister channel Vuzu Amp is a South African version of A List: New York. The South African show will be called The Real A-Listers Of Jozi. 

The format is styled in the Bravo hit Real Housewives franchise. The Maerican version featured 4 gay A-listers, which left some of us curious if Vuzu will adopt the same chracters choice. Well they didn't.

Not only did Vuzu Amp's show, The Real Jozi A-listers, shy away from being a copy of the American show it was rumoured to be styled on, they producers have completely veered off the gay association. 

Furthermore, it would appear the show has nothing to do with A-lister but is more about giving celebrities who have been appearing on the Multichoice channels platform a chance to have fun infront of the camera. 

The A-List features some prominent gay personalities who were not superstars but held a certain amount of stature in the celebrity scene in their own right right or by association. 

For instance, Reichen Lehmkuhl is known for winning the 4th season of The Amazing Race with former husband Chip Arndt and for his relationship with singer N'sync band-member Lance Bass.

Mike Ruiz is a film director and fashion photographer whose work has appeared on Vanity Fair. He has appeared on other reality series including America's Next Top Model and RuPaul's Drag Race.

The other two guys are successful in their own capacity. The cast could afford to live the A-list life in New York. 

Unfortunately it would appear that South Africa's The Real Jozi A-listers, is just about the fact that these guys are on tv. The show will likely take a comical approach instead of giving viewers a glimpse into the glamorous life of being famous or associated with famous people. 

The show is produced by the same production company that brought you Dineo's Diary and The Reps on Vuzu. 

Which begs the question; since Trevor Gumbi and Tall Ass Mo clearly do not own mansions and million rand loft apartments in Jozi, will the "real" in their A-list life be that they can't afford to be like the A-List: New York gay characters?

Well I guess you will have to wait and see when the show premieres on Vuzu Amp on Friday 31 October at 19:00

UPDATE: Model/TV presenter Maps and Hip Hop star DaLes will be in the show too. 

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