Why you will NOT see eNCA on OpenView HD

 If you own an OpenviewHD decoder you may have wondered why Etv's 24 hour News channel eNCA is not on the platform. Well, the answer is pretty simple. 

eNCA as a channel was commissioned exclusively for DSTV. This means DSTV pretty much owns the channel, therefore it can not be broadcast on its competitor's platform. 

I asked one of the executives at a panel discussion held in Rosebank by the Openview HD bosses, if there were any plans to eventually bring the channel to OVHD and she said the channel WILL NOT be on the platform. 

Sadly, this is a bit of a bummer for OVHD. The platform already had a decent music channel BeatzoneTV , a news channel addition would have made the bouquet more appealing. 

While the eNCA executive were quick to point out that viewers are getting a lot of news content on the platform on channels such as Etv, eKasi+ and eAfrica, it is just not the same as having a channel like eNCA. 

So there you have it, do not get your hopes up. eNCA will not be coming to OVHD.

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