Beyoncé Is Being Sued For Allegedly Copying "XO"

Beyoncé has just been named the highest earning female entertainer for 2014 with an estimated earnings of over $115million.  According to TMZ, someone wants $3million of that dough and alledges that Bee stole the concept for her smash hit track XO from him.

Javon Lane claims he wrote a track called ‘XOXO’ back in 2013 and shared it with another singer who does background vocals for Beyoncé, the track supposedly ended up Beyonce's hands and "XO" emerged in her fifth album.

Beyoncé is now being sued for $3 million. However, Beyoncé is not even credited for writing the track, The Dream is. So, why is Javon not suing him? I guess that would not have gotten much attention. 

Beyoncé is known for taking "inspiration" from other artists (click HERE & HERE for evidence) but this time this whole thing just sounds a little too opportunistic in my view. 

I understand that the guy is not saying that the songs are the same (listen for yourself in the videos below) but the concept, still this is really a long shot in the dark for him. Beyoncé’s camp has not responded to the allegations., as one would have expected and so far no actually court papers have been shared on the TMZ story. 

You know what Beyonce's XO sounds like, now listen to Javon's song below!


PhilMphela said...

I wonder how was the situation at Baseline leading to the auditions being postponed.

PhilMphela said...

hello pplz when is the auditions for skeem saam in jhb since it was cancelled?

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