Bonang Has A BIG Surprise For Her Fans | Shhh!

Someone asked me what Bonang will be announcing on November 28th. Apparently B* hinted that she has something coming up around that time. Well, I have done my deductions and some investigative maneuvering and I think I might have the scoop on what Ms Matheba has up her sleeves.

Remember last year Bonang did a cover with the fashion forward magazine, Previdar. I made it no secret that I did not like the cover but I am a huge fan of the digital mag and Bonang, of course. Well I was not the only one who thought the cover could have been better and I was confident that Bonang and Previdar would want to redeem themselves.

Looks like my channeled message to the universe for both brands to redeem themselves has worked and Bonang will be doing ANOTHER cover for the mag. 

Of course this is Bonang so she can not do the same dull and over-styled cover thing again. The second attempt has to get us talking. 

I have it on good authority that B and one of her brand partners will be using this opportunity to reward her loyal fans in a big and fabulous way. Last year she partnered with Brutal Fruit so it only makes sense to deduce that they are the brand partner this year again. 

Basically, from what I could gather, Bonang's big announcement will be the Previdar cover and the prizes she will be giving her fans courtesy of Brutal Fruit. 

Couldn't bother asking her management because managers like controlling the flow of this kind of information. However, my sources are rarely wrong so let's see what transpires this week. 

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