Bridget Masinga slams Kim Kardashian on Screentime

South African Television personality Bridget Masinga speaks out in the up coming episode of Screentime about the experience of having to interview one of the world's most talked about reality stars.

Masinga got to interview Kim and her sister Khloe back in 2010 when they were in South Africa.

"She was just so sour," remarked the former All Access Presenter referring to Kim.

"I like the Kardashians - I like Khloe, she was awesome - but SHE was a Diva Extraodinare!" she added pointing to an image of Kim.

The former Beauty Queen added that the sisters had a "camp" of minders with them who made several demands on the production team.

"Crop her here", "Can I check the lighting" , "Please make sure if it's a wide shot it doesn't go below the knees because she doesn't like her knees".

The 33-year-old presenter and businesswoman admitted that the sisters may have been tired when they did the interview - but conceded that this was no excuse for Kim's disinterested behaviour during the interview and pre-interview dinner.

"I do think they were a little jet-lagged - but I also believe in being professional: you've committed to something, you've been briefed. She irked me completely. I un-followed her that day." she added.

Bridget made the comments during the taping of an interview with entertainment journalist Nicky Greenwall.

I can personally fully believe Bridget's comments. I had an opportunity to meet the Kardashian sisters at the same time and Khloe was more personable while Kim just seemed a bit offish.

My friend Nicole wanted a selfie with Kim and she agreed but I was more interested in Khloe because she was the one who made an effort to look happy to be at that party Brutal Fruit threw for them.

Bridget's interview on Screentime With Nicky Greenwall is expected to air on this Wednesday at 9:35pm with repeats on eNCA.

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