Dineo Moeketsi Deemed A Diva For Asking For A Separate Dressing Room | No kidding

No, seriously ... Someone went to Sunday World and shared that Dineo was such a diva while hosting the Mbokodo Awards that she demanded not to share a dressing room with three other celebrities. I am laughing as I write this but this is our reality in South Africa. Asking for a dressing room while hosting an award show is considered a diva demand. 

To be fair, the report on Sunday World did not condemn Dineo for being a diva based on just the dressing room demand. However, for me, the mere mention of the dressing room to substantiate her "crime" makes the whole accusation frivolous.

Only in this country can a person who is hosting a major awards show not be expected to have her own dressing room. It is absurd to me that anyone would think this is something sacrilege. A tv star asked for her own dressing room? ... CALL THE MEDIA!!!

Sadly this is what we deal with everyday in this mickey mouse industry in our country. We have no respect for the talent and the processes that enable us to put on great productions. Then again, we celebrate mediocrity so how can we appreciate the process of producing something good.  

Perhaps Dineo is a diva, well I have never seen it so I do not know, but that Dineo asking for a separate dressing room could be construed as a diva demand only goes to show how very little we think of our stars in this country. 

We roll out the redcarpet for D rate and has-been American celebrities when they get here but can not even be bothered to give an awards show host her own dressing room. 

I can not imagine that the Mbokodo Awards were held in some big stadium with massive dressing rooms that could accommodate each of those celebrities and their glam squads.  

If it is true that Dineo had to share a dressing room with Anele Mdoda, Judith Sephuma and Sibongile Khumalo, then shame on you Mbokodo Awards for claiming to celebrate women excellence but treat our stars like community hall performers. 

Good on ya Dineo for demanding some respect or a little courtesy. 

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