FAIL | Men's Health South Africa Caught In Picture Swap Blunder

Mistakes happen, however when you do not even acknowledge that mistake, it stinks up a bit. The latest issue of the South African edition of Men's Health features a flawed list of the Top 20 Cover Guys. 

I fully understand that mistakes happen with things like this were wrong pictures are sent to the printers and sometimes it is just too late to do anything about it.

However, we have social media now where, whenever someone makes such huge mistake that will definitely affect people's lives, they can just gon on those platforms to acknowledge it and apologize. 

In the latest print issue of Men's Health South Africa's Top 20 Cover Guys list, Anda Bongoza is named at number 5 with a mini interview. Problem? The picture used in the magazine is NOT of Anda Bongoza. 

Atleast the got the picture right on their website!

Now you can imagine that Anda, who is from Mthatha, must have excitedly told his family and friends that he made the cut for the magazine. Now imagine the horror of opening up the magazine and seeing his name attached to someone else's picture. 

This morning, the 21 year old model turned to his Facebook page to vent his understandable and expected anger and disappointment. 

He posted a picture of the magazine via Instagram and captioned it; 

Never in my life have I been this upset! The Men's health top20 is out and look at this bullshit!!!!!!!!!
A magazine issue is usually finished a whole week or even more before it goes to the printers and eventually hit the shelves. During this whole time surely someone at Men's Health must have picked up on this mistake and pre-warned Anda or offered an apology. 

Clearly, it is either all black people look the same to the Men's Health Magazine team or they just do not care. 

Obviously at this stage there is nothing the magazine editors can do to change the picture but their deafening silence on the matter even when they have received comments via social media is of concern.

I also sent them a message via Twitter asking if they will apologise and they have yet to respond. If anything an apology to both Anda and the other guy is warranted in this situation.

I asked Anda how he feels about this whole thing and he said; 
" I honestly don't know what to say, because this was supposed to be my big break. I trained so hard for this, hoping I'd get somewhere and I get this. " 

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