Who Is South Africa's Highest Rated TV Personality?

Ok no surprise that if Lunga is the highest rated male presenter (read about that HERE) then it stands to reason that Zizo would likely be the highest rated female presenter since they host the same show. However, when it comes to ratings pull, one lady reigns supreme above all ... male and female.

With an estimated over 9.4 million viewers (as indicated by TAMS) the lady who reigns supreme above all in the world of Mzansi television is none other than the gorgeous Ms Amanda DuPont.

She may not be a real Princess but more people watch Amanda on television every week than Bonang, Minnie, Boity, Pearl and Lalla, COMBINED so bow down ... ((fill in the missing word))!

Thanks to Generations going off air and Skeem Saam taking over the ratings gold spot of  8pm weekdays, Amanda is sitting pretty with 6.7 million viewers tuning in to watch her play the menacing Lelo Mthiyane. 

The Swazi beauty also enjoys some great numbers with SABC1's entertainment magazine show, Real Goboza, which pulls an estimated 2.7 million viewers each week. 

Add all that up, Amanda DuPont's face is watched by more people than every single so called "it girl" in the business right now. 

Even with the return of Generations on December 1st, DuPont will still be the highest rated female tv star because Skeem Saam was pulling a good 3 to 4 million on its 6:30pm slot, so add that to Real Goboza and she is still pulling about 6 or 7 million viewers. 

To be fair, it helps to be on SABC1 and on a prime-time show. It might not be the case for everyone at SABC, Loot Love with LIVE still pull dismal numbers and Minnie and her sports show aren't really bringing the boys to the yard — if you catch my drift! 

As I said with Lunga, I don't know what this means for Amanda's career ... this is South Africa afterall,  but congrats!

UPDATE: I have been alerted that Amanda maybe returning to Muvhango. I dont watch the show so I dont know how true that is. Until I can verify, this means if she is still appearing on Skeem Saam and Real Goboza, and now on Muvhango at the same time, she will then be pulling a staggering 13 mil plus in ratings.

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