Khanyi Mbau Dethroned By Mapaseka As The Queen Of Talk

Oh well it was sweet while it lasted but sadly Khanyi Mbau's short lived reign as Queen of Talk has come to a screeching halt as Mapaseka Mokwele has reclaimed her place at the top as South Africa's Queen Of Talk with her SABC2 talkshow Motswako. 

According to the latest available ratings, as compiled by TAMS, Motswako on SABC2 has once again become the highest rated talkshow in South Africa. 

Khanyi Mbau's new talkshow, Katch It With Khanyi has dropped to the number 3 spot. Another SABC2 talker Vusaseki has taken up the second spot on the list. 

With an estimated 720 000 from Motswako to Katch It With Khanyi's 550 000, Ms Mbau has officially been dethroned. 

Our longest running talkshow 3Talk failed to even crack the top 5 list with Masechaba Lekalake's etv talkshow Ekse; Let's Talk taking up the bottom spot with 447 000.

SABC3's Tongue In Cheek, which is moderated by Anele Mdoda, is currently the 4th watched talkshow in Mzansi. 

I have to admit, I am loving this competition among the women. Finally, we have competitive television. This can only encourage producers to work harder and come up with fresh ideas to beat one another.

This is what television is and should be about ... and we the viewers are the ultimate winners in the end because any competition to get our attention means producers will strive to put out great material.

I am tired of celebrating mediocrity in this country. Hopefully this friendly ratings rivalry, Khanyi instigated by lauding her time at the top, will be a positive thing for the industry. Lawd knows we needed it!

Congratulations to Mapapseka and Motswako. 

Hey Khanyi, maybe its time to call up your new bestie Kelly Khumalo for an exclusive ... that should get you back on top. 

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