Lunga Shabalala Becomes The Highest Rated TV Male Presenter

Thanks to Selimathunzi resurrecting its appeal and finally settling on a timeslot that allows its loyal viewers to keep up with the show, former Calvin Klein model Lunga Shabalala has taken the reins as Mzansi's highest rated male television presenter. 

According to the latest available TAMS ratings figures, Shabalala's SABC1 variety show Selimathunzi is pulling an estimated 3.5 million viewers. Add that to the numbers he pulls from his other gig on SABC3 with Man Cave, Shabalala pulls atleast around 3.8 million viewers each week. 

I know a lot of people have turned against Lunga in this business in recent times but clearly viewers have a different opinion of the good-looking star. 

Be that as it may, I met the guy when he still greeted everyone in the room and would always have a smile on his face so I am very proud to see that he is finally having an impact in this industry.  

I am all about celebrating and making sure that young achievement in this business is seen. That is my new direction for 2015 and beyond, so big up to Lunga and many others like him in this industry who continue to do well. 

I don't know what this means for his career, but hey if it inspires you to push for your dreams — I have done my job!

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