Naija Musician Flavour Pulls His Underwear Down And Angers Fans

Eish some people are just so ungrateful... Naija crossover singer Flavour N'abania treated his Instagram followers to more of his semi nude pics and instead of everybody being grateful to busk in the glory of the "Nwa Baby" singer's extra talents, some fans got irked by his new found obsession with showing off his body. 

Flavour has adopted a habit of posting risqué pictures of himself on his Instagram account. If you missed that read HERE

Last week however, he posted a picture where he seemingly appears to be pulling his underwear down to reveal his private parts. Truth be told he has shared pictures with a similar gesture before. 

For some reason, this was a step too far for some of his fans and the backlash erupted. 

One follower wrote, 
“Flavour pls what are u trying to prove?” 
Another angrily wrote, “Why exposing your body just leave music and go to modeling maloo!!!”

Soon a barrage of negative comments ensued... see more below; 

Shortly after, Flavour responded by sharing another photo, this time fully clothed. He captioned it, 
“Osondi owendi!!! Happy new month y’all” 
The phrase Osondi Owendi is an Igbo phrase which literally translates to, 
‘It’s sweet for some, it pains some.’
I suppose the positive in this is that if women can be criticized for posting overtly sexual pictures on social media so too should the men who do the same.

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