Poppy Ntshongwana Joins Trace Sports Stars

Radio personality Poppy Ntshongwana has been roped in to be a guest presenter on TRACE Sport Stars. The invitation to Ntshongwana come as part of the channel 's dedication to extreme sports this month. 

The lifestyle show will feature people who do extreme sports and will look into their lives and their professions. The extreme sport professionals will also show off their amazing skills.
 “We will be covering anything from surfing to the stuff people don’t regard as sport and just fun. The people who are featured on this show are excellent at extreme sports. The show is more like a lifestyle documentary, which looks at the culture around a given sport." explained Ntshongwana to IOL recently.
We venture into why people do it, how to get into it and the risks that come with it. We have the best of each given discipline showing us how it is done,” 

Ntshongwana's stint will be for the four weeks that the channel will be showcasing extreme sport but the super fit star is reportedly excited about the opportunity to expand her scope of media experience into television presenting.

Trace Sports Stars airs on DStv channel 188.

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