South Africa, Nigeria And Kenya Top The List Of Countries Googling The Most Gay Porn

Not much of a shock; Google Trends has just revealed that South Africa leads the world in Gay porn pictures searches. Mzansi came in second on the list. What might be surprising to most people is that once again the countries with laws against homosexuality in the continent ranked very high. One of them is number in the whole world. 

Guys look at porn (sorry if you think your man, brother or son is not). With the growth of digital technology viewing porn has become so easy and dare I say — convenient. Even social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have been usurped by pornographic materials.

Kenya is been known as the digital hub of the continent. It comes as no surprise then that it ranks number 1 in the world as the country with the most gay porn searches. According to Google stats, Kenya is the source of more searches for "gay sex" and "gay porn pics" than any other country on Earth. 

Interesting considering that homosexuality in Kenya is punishable by up to 14 years in prison and the country's political machinery has claimed that 96% of Kenyans are against homosexuality. 

Nigeria came third just after South Africa. This is another country where sodomy can be punished with death by stoning in some areas. However, if you live in South Africa's major cities you would not be that surprised because every third or second Naija young guy you meet is either bi-sexual, gay or a rent boy. 

With Nigeria, given that it has the most number of male prostitutes on the continent (followed by Ghana) — who may not necessarily be gay but just gay-for-pay, one can understand why the interest in looking at gay porn may be that prevalent and no necessarily an indication of the gay population in that country. 

Other interesting countries in the top 10 which has laws and social attitude against homosexuality are India at number 5, Parkistan at 4 and the Phillipines which came in at number 6. 

Here is the full list: 

  1. Kenya
  2. South Africa
  3. Nigeria
  4. Pakistan
  5. India
  6. Phillipines
  7. Australia
  8. United States
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Canada
The theory that suppressing something is only to increase interest in that thing, the concept of the forbidden fruit being more alluring is definitely in play here. Homophobic rhetoric has been that being Gay is unAfricam, so one could also explain this by the need for gay men to find alternative ways to indulge their sexual desires privately. 

As liberal and gay-friendly as South Africa laws may be towards homosexuality, the reality is that socially it is still something that is frowned upon. Most black men would never dare tell their family that they are gay and would rather come to the big cities and live their gay lives there whilst keeping up the pretense to be straight whenever they return home. 

While one definitely can not assert that just because Kenya has the most searches it means it has more gay men, it is important to note that over the past decade or so it has become evident that homosexuality is just as common in our continent as it is everywhere on this planet even amongst animals. 

There is also a level of hypocrisy that results such as these bring to the fore. It is a well known fact that quite often the most outspoken homophobes — that guy who can not stand gays and is always very vocal about how evil being gay is turns out to be a closet gay, so knowing that these countries which prosecute gays could be the very places where gay porn is searched the most is something to make one ponder a thought about that hypocrisy for a sec. 

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