10 Popular TV Shows That Are Ending in December And Early 2015

Only two weeks left until we say goodbye to the year that was 2014. Sadly as we bid the year goodbye, we will also be parting ways with some few memorable tv shows as they end their run this December and some in early 2015. 

  • The Newsroom

Starring Jeff Bridges, The Newsroom — a show about a news anchor's life stirred up when he's forced to work with a new team of colleagues while they attempt to create a news show that reports the news in an ethical and reasonable way— will be ending its run in the US on Sunday December 14th 2014. 
  • Anger Management

After just 3 seasons on air Charlie Sheen's rebound comedy, after unceremoniously being fired from Two and a Half Men, has been cancelled and will end its run on 22 December 2014 in the US. 
  • Two and a Half Men

Ahhh... where does one even start with this one. Undoubtedly one of the most popular shows of our time since Friends and the show that made Charlie Sheen very rich and cocky. Truth be told, I think the show should have ended after Charlie Sheen was fired but clearly the producers wanted to show Sheen that it could exist without him. Unfortunately Ashton Kutcher could not save the show from an inevitable death and much of the seasons after Sheen were a bore. The show has finally been canned after 11 years on air and will end its run on February 19th 2015. 
  • The Mentalist 

A famous 'psychic' outs himself as a fake and starts working as a consultant for the police so he can find "Red Hood" , the mad man who killed his wife and daughter. That was the premise of this show and now after 7 seasons on air, the show will end on 18th February 2015. I lost interest on the show by season 2. I just got tired of this "Red Hood" ghost. 
  • Glee
Though it seems like yesterday when we first met Rachel, (Lea Michele) Kurt, (Chris Colfer) Blaine, (Darren Criss) Santana, (Naya Rivera) Brittany, (Heather Morris) and the like, Glee has been on the air since 2009, and is set to air its series finale (after six seasons) early next year. Season 6 has had an abbreviated run of 13 episodes which will include a two hour finale on January 9th 2015 when the show takes its very final bow. 
  • Mad Men

Emmy favourite period drama will also be ending its run soon. Apparently the creator of Mad Men never expected that his show would get picked up or let alone become a global hit and awards magnet. It is understandable since the show had no discernible TV stars in it, so makes sense that it was going to be a tough sell, However this show about ad execs on Madison Avenue in the 1960s held universal appeal — flush with nuance and sexual indiscretions and dark psychological themes. Sadly come early 2015 the show will end its run. 
  • The Game

It’s Game over. BET’s The Game will conclude after its ninth season. The series was renewed earlier this year for Season 8, which is currently filming for an early 2015 premiere which will be followed by the 9th and final season. Of the show’s ending, series creator Mara Brock Akil said, 

“Shows do end; that is a part the business. I’m very happy BET gave The Game five additional seasons to explore these characters and this world. We made history when we got to the network and it’s nice to be able to celebrate the great achievements of the show.”
  • Nurse Jackie

Showtime, the network carrying the show in the US, is calling time of death on Nurse Jackie. The network announced earlier this year that the upcoming seventh season will also be the series' final season. Nurse Jackie premiered in 2009, and over the past six seasons the show has won several Emmy awards and allowed Eddie Falco to become the only actress to ever win the lead acting Emmy Awards in both comedy and drama, and the most nominated television performer in Screen Actors Guild Awards history. The show has also been one of my guilty pleasures. 

  • Cougar Town

People love the show, I dont. I find Courtney Cox Arquette to be an ok actress and let's face it, she is no Marie Louise Parker! To be fair though I don't know much about her body of work beyond "Friends". Anyway, the show is ending after 6 seasons. The final season will premiere in the States on 6 January 2015 
  • Hot in Cleveland

"Hot in Cleveland" got off to a blazing start in 2010, and introduced sitcom veterans Valerie Bertinelli ("One Day at a Time"), Wendie Malick ("Just Shoot Me") and Jane Leeves ("Frasier") as three best friends who move from Los Angeles to Cleveland. Betty White, who starred on "The Golden Girls,'' completed the comedic picture as Elka, the cantankerous caretaker who went with their Cleveland-area home.

TV Land announced in November, that the cable comedy's current season in the US was its last. At the time "Hot in Cleveland" was just two episodes into its 24-episode sixth season, which began November 5th. That meant the series finale would be in April or May.

Honorary mention: Late Night Show with Letterman

yeah that old man who likes kissing people on his show is retiring. 

Dave's final show is on Wednesday, May 20 at 23h35 on CBS in the US. 

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