Connie Ferguson And Sello Maake KaNcube Asked To Return To Generations

On Monday, December 1st, SABC and Generations producers held a media preview breakfast in where invited guests were given a chance to see the premiere episode of the revamped Generations.
A screening of the the first episode of the new Generations, now called Generations The Legacy was held in Johannesburg.

After the screening members of the media had an opportunity to ask the SABC executives and Generations creator/executive producers questions. During the Q & A session, Mfundi Vundla was asked about what motivated his decision to bring back Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo to the show. 

Mr Vundla replied that after the Generations 16 walked out, an agreement could not be reached with the actors and a decision was made to move forward without them, Connie Ferguson visited him to check on how he was doing. 

He said that during her visit with him, Connie Ferguson, who had played Karabo Moroka for over a decade on Generations, offered her services to him by telling him that if he ever needed her to come and help she would be available. 

Mr Vundla further stated that he has had a long relationship with Rapulana Seiphemo and wanted to bring him back once he had made the decision to take Mrs Ferguson up on her offer to return to the show. 

When asked to confirm if Sello Maake KaNcube had been one of the former Generations actors considered for the new show, Mr Vundla made another startling revelation.

He stated that Mr Maake KaNcube also approached him during the tumultuous days after the actors withheld their services and were subsequently relieved of their services from the show. 

He said that after Mr Maake Ka Ncube asked to return to the show, he considered accepting his offer but during the brainstorming sessions of what the new show would be, it became evident that Maake KaNcube's return as Archie Moroka would not work. 

"Generations is not like other soaps. We are not a fantastical show, so we can not bring people from the dead. Archie is dead" said Mr Vundla. 
This obviously came as a huge surprise for me because the impression, perhaps pushed by the media, was that Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo were sought after by the producers and were lured back with promises of hefty salary remuneration.

I asked Mr Vundla if the new cast members were given bigger salaries than the previous actors given that financial compensation was the main contentious issue that led to the dismissal of the Generations 16. 

To that, he replied that he could not comment on the contractual agreement they have with the actors but measures have been put in place to ensure that what happened before would not happen again. He added that should any of the current actors have any issue they have the freedom to bring them to the management and will be resolved.  

Generations The Legacy debuts on Monday at 20h00 on SABC 1. 

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