Former Generations Star Zikhona Sodlaka Takes Zimbabwe

In  the famous words of V-Mash; "don't cry for me. ag la ntena!" Well you can stop crying for actress Zikhona Sodlaka because she seems to be doing fine without Generations. While the legal battle between her lawyers and Generations producers rages on, the star seems to have moved on and is living it up — including with a recent visit to Zim.  

Vivacious South African actress, Zikhona Sodlaka, who played the role of Nosekeni in Justin Chadwick's Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom opposite Idris Elba, was a guest at few hotspots in Harare last week .

Judging by some of her social media post, the actress had a blast in our neighboring state. 

Zimbabwe has been marred by reports of an economy in tatters and abject poverty with hundreds of thousands of Zimbabwean having fled the country and now living in South Africa. This has tainted the country's image and given an impression that nothing exciting or fun still happens in Zim.

Clearly the assumptions are wrong. Harare is still very much a vibrant city with an active social scene.   

Sodlaka was a guest at the Fashion Market: Christmas Edition, held on Sunday, December 7, at Giuliana’s restaurant in Glen Lorne. 

She joined the locals in experiencing Harare's emerging fashion industry. At the event were beautiful dresses, casual tees, accessories of almost every kind and many attendees decked out in local designers' as part of the Fashion Market’s Wear Local for 30 Days Challenge. 

 Zim designer Colin Ratisai helps Zikhona Sodlaka try on a Cee Zee Rat shawl at Fashion Market 
Sodlaka also made an appearance at Club H2O in Harare where she gave away holiday vouchers and gifts to fans and patrons of the club. 

2014 must have been a tumultuous year for the actress. It is great to see her having a good time. Word is that she has been cast in the new telenovela which will air on etv next year, so she also has some income. Good for her. 

As for Zim, there is no better PR than word-of-mouth. If celebrities like Zikhona Sodlaka keep getting invited there and have a great time, it will go a long way in changing the perceptions and image of the country.

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