Generations' Return DID NOT Pull 10 Million | Channel exaggerated

Looks like themgzn3 folks at SABC might have given the first episode of Generations The Legacy a 2.5 million bonus. The numbers are in and the episode's independent  ratings numbers are nowhere near 10 million, contrary to the SABC's spokesperson's statement to Sowetan.  

SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago told the Sowetan this week that the premiere of Generations: The Legacy "went well ..."

He is reporteed by the paper to have said that "we were told over 10million people were watching. This has never happened before. The highest it averaged before this was 8.6million."

But, according to the SA Advertising Research Foundation, just over 7.5million viewers tuned in to see the return of Generations.

Clearly whoever told Mr Kganyago about the 10 million lied. When the figure was bantered about I ignored the claims and posted on Twitter; 
Channels always exagerrate their ratings so Imma wait for the independent TAMS ratings results before I can comment on the 10 million

It is common sense that the channel would inflate their numbers for publicity but it is also a common thing in this industry that numbers are exaggerated for selling a false idea of success. 

Record labels do it with sales figures, celebrities do it with their net worth and channels do it with their ratings.  

7.5 million is still a decent number for Generations. It still makes it the number show in South Africa. It also means the show has retained most of its loyal viewers.

The negative is that, if the show did not increase its numbers there is a potential that the numbers may decline. If Generations lost few million from the 10 million, it would still be extremely well, but now if it looses any of the millions that tuned for the first episode then it is in trouble. 

Bear in mind that a lot of people who tuned in this week were curious to see what the new show looks like. Judging by the reaction, many are not happy. This means some will not stay and that may affect the show's numbers negatively. 

It is still early days to be throwing around numbers to gauge the success or failure of the show. Let's continue this coversation after 3 months and see where we are. 

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