Meet Alleged R2Mil Blessee Tobi Jooste | Afrikaans Singer Being Sued By His Alleged Sugardaddy

Afrikaans singer, model and TV presenter Tobi Jooste is reportedly embroiled in a legal drama involving gifts from an alleged sugardaddy worth over R2million and a fancy car. The singer has denied he had a gay affair with the wealthy businessman. 

The Sunday Times reported over the weekend that Jooste, 32, is being sued by a gentleman called Patrick McBride.

52 year old McBride alleges that he was in a six month relationship with Jooste, in which he afforded the singer a multi-million rand jet-setting lifestyle. However, while on a trip to Thailand, Jooste allegedly dumped McBride. 

McBride claims that in the period they were lovers he took Jooste on three international holidays and gave him a R25,000 a month allowance, a R250,000 ring, designer clothing, a R900,000 Porsche Cayenne, and other gifts – all totalling R2 million.

Now McBride is crying fowl and claims Jooste dumped him for his age.
 “But my money was not too old for him,” said McBride in the Johannesburg High Court documents.
While admitting that the two shared a room and a bed while on holiday, Jooste insists that McBride was just a “travel buddy” who sometimes made sexual advances towards him, which he rejected.

He claims to have ended the friendship after he was warned by friends about the dangers of accepting expensive gifts from a gay man.

McBride wants him to at least return the Porsche, which he says is still being paid off. Sunday Times claimed, at the time of going to print,  Jooste had still not returned the car. 

Yerrr... so Tobi Jooste got more out of a six-month "friendship" with a wealthy businessman than most people in a divorce.

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