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After months of waiting since Minnie caused a stir with pictures that even caught the attention of American rapper Rick Ross, the long awaited calendar is finally on sale now. The Soccer Zone presenter announced the news via Instagram . 

The calendar features Minnie in a collection of pictures taken around Kawazulu Natal featuring the star in some racy outfits as she flaunts her incredible bod — in her home turf.

Unfortunately at R120, the price for the calendar is a little steep. Come on... it costs more than CD or DVD.

The whole concept of calendars, as I stated when I first announced that she is doing one, is a bit outdated. Everyone is storing images on their phones or computers now. Calendars served their purpose when it was still cool to have posters on the bedroom wall. 

The last person to have a successful calendar was former SABC1 continuity presenter Zandi Hlapo. That was over 10 years ago. 

That said, Minnie needs a splash right now. She is on SABC1 and will always have some buzz around her name but this year was not that great PR-wise for the star. She really did not make any big career moves that made headlines. 

Releasing the calendar now is genius in that people will be generous with their spending over the holidays. 

I doubt the calendar will break any sales records, but I have been proven wrong before so we'll see. 

Kudos to her for trying something different and resurrecting an old trend though....  

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