Muvhango To Overthrow Generations As The Most Watched Soap In SA

If the latest decline in ratings for the "new" Generations are anything to go by, we may have a new king of the soapies soon. According to the latest consolidated rating, Muvhango on SABC2 has already beaten Generations- The Legacy twice since the latter's return to the screen last week.  

Truth be told, I can not say I am not happy about this, and not for the reason you may think. While I fully support the fired actors' plight and fight to have actors be respected and paid their dues in this industry, I am not one of those people who are praying for the Generations - The Legacy to fail.

My excitement about Muvhango being a contender to overthrow Generations' reign stems from a yearn I have had for years to have our television industry really become competitive. Generations has reigned suppreme above all, inadvertently bestowing a sense of arrogance on its staff and even the actors who appear on the show. 

Now, the playing field looks set to be fair game for anyone who brings the goods to the table in terms of content and entertainment. Soap writers will now have to proof that they are worth the salaries they get paid. 

Soon they will to be pitted against each other on producing the best content for viewers. Hopefully this will in tirn make our award shows more exciting and credible to the viewers.  

Generations is now averaging a meager 5.9 million viewers (a far cry from its highest 8 million mark and the fictional 10 million) which is a number that can easily be attained by Muvhango — and they did. 

On its first week back on air, the "new" Generations was beat by the Venda soap on Friday when it registered a dismal 4.1 million viewers to Muvhango's 4.5 million. 

Generations The Legacy now pulls in lower numbers than the third season of Skeem Saam and is in fact hanging by a thread as the most watched programme show on South African television with Muvhango and Soul City both vying for that spot, each roughly pulling in 4.5 million viewers.

With the latest development that the fired 16 actors have now taken the Generations' production company to court to have the new show pulled off air by January 10th next year, should it happen, that will likely spell the end for Generations as we know it.  

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