Sporty Boity Does Adidas

Imma be honest! I have been asked by a few people; what is Boity Thulo's claim to fame? They ask because majority of South Africans do not watch Rockville (on account of it being on DSTV) and Boity, unlike the other media fodder ladies, doesn't host a tv or radio show. However, what many may not know is that the pint-sized star does a lot of modelling for catalogue work.   

Currently Boity can be seen in Adidas' summer campaign ad. The Rockville star is one of few models appearing in the campaign's digital and print ads promoting the brand's summer sportwear.

When I first saw the ad, I assumed that Boity was the new ambassador for the brand and was alarmed that this might be a conflict of interest since she is the USN ambassador, which also has a line of sportswear. 

I was, however, informed that Boity is not the face of the Adidas brand. She was just hired as a model like the other models that appear on the catalogue for the campaign. 

Beside her modelling gig with Adidas this summer, she has also been heavily promoting Pandora concept stores and doing some mall meet & greet with fans for the brand. No official word — that I am aware of — if she is the ambassador for the brand or she is just helping with promotions for the festive season. 

Well now you know... Boity is a model too. 

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