Top 10 Richest Entertainers Under 30

Forbes Magazine listed the highest earning celebs under 30 last week. Justin Bieber topped the list beating out 1D to be the highest earning celebrity under 30 years old.  
The 20-year old Bieber, who's had a few run-ins with the law lately, pocketed an estimated $80 million between June 2013 – June 2014, thanks mostly to cash from the tail end of his last world tour.

One Direction came second, with the band debuting on the publication’s annual list with R750 million in earnings over the last 12 months.  Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift is in third place, with the 24-year old making her fifth appearance on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 with her highest earnings to date: R640 million.

Her previous album Red – which came complete with a huge world tour – and  endorsements for Diet Coke, Keds and CoverGirl all helped T-Swizzle pocket her cash.

Bruno Mars (R600million) and Rihanna (R480million) complete the top five highest-earning celebs under 30, while Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence also feature.

Full list:

1. Justin Bieber - R800 million

2. One Direction - R750 million

3. Taylor Swift - R640 million

4. Bruno Mars - R600 million

5. Rihanna - R480 million

6. Miley Cyrus - R360 million

7. Jennifer Lawrence - R340 million

8. Lady Gaga - R330 million

9. Avicii - R280 million

10. Skrillex  - R180 million

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