Dear Teenager. Five Things You Should Know in 2015

We have ushered in 2015. The Y2K kids are now officially teenagers. At 15 you are also a sought after demographic by the entertainment industry as you hold the power to push sales and solidify stars by their support. 

Well, dear teenager, now that you are now seen as an influencer of decisions made about people's careers and the industry's future, there are few things you ought to know so as you can make an informed choice when you make those all important decisions on who you should spend your parents' hard earned money on or offer your  loyalty to as a fan.

A lot has happened since your first came into this world 15 years ago, hell people thought the world was going to go into turmoil (Google Y2K).

Anyway, you know who Kim Kardashian is, obvs, but Mzansi had its own trailblazer who got her fame in some unsavory way. Yep South Africa had its own KIM K in the fabulous form of Khanyi Mbau — but alas — you are too late, she has cleaned up her act and this year she became our very own Queen of Talk with her new talkshow , though her reign as at the top of the ratings only lasted for minute. She has however finally given her fans and foes something to associate her fame with beside her ... you still not legal so Imma keep it clean here and just say ... "scandals".

Mbau's unconventional way up the fame ladder now serves as a reminder to us all that even bad girls can grow up to be admirable good girls. 

Here are five power players facts you should know before you make your first decision about the industry as an official influecer;

  • Beyonce

Beyonce is a Godess to be worshipped. Yeah yeah... forget about what the closet Beehive's insistance that Queen Bey is overrated. The truth is that Mrs Carter reigns supreme above all and when she says "bow down bitches", best believe she can back that up. In the 15 years since you were born she is the most nominated and third most honored woman in Grammy history; with a total of 17 awards and with 53 total nominations. Overall, she has won 503 awards from 579 nominations since 1999 also with Destinys Child as a musician. She is the only artist in Billboard’s history to top the Hot 100 chart for 10 weeks or more as member of a group and as a solo artist.

While she hasn't cracked the acting world as yet... yes their are some things Queen Bey can't dominate in, her film "Dreamgirls” is the musical with the biggest box office opening day ever, the most expensive film with an all-black starring cast in cinema history and it is the first and only live-action film to receive three nominations for Best Song at the Academy Awards. Did I mention she co-wrote the Oscar nominated song?
She may not be South African but she rules everywhere so she has to be on this list. Hell, even our cabinet ministers get in heated Twars about her.  
  • Girls Rule Mzansi's Entertainment Industry 

Who run the world? well for South African entertainment industry, it is the ladies. In the 15 years past, female entertainers have been a formidable force in SA ranking in big endorsements, the most magazine covers, dominate social media and are pulling in the biggest numbers in tv ratings.  
Amanda du Pont was the highest rated female TV personality of 2014. She appeared in 3 shows that pulled the most combined ratings of any other TV personality in South Africa.  
Names such as Minnie Dlamini, Boity Thulo, Pearl Thusi and others dominate the MC'ing circuit. These ladies are pulling a lot of their income from hosting awards show, TV specials, concerts and private events.  
Being a magnet for brand endorsement deals, they are now faces of cosmetic lines, clothing brands, etc. They have taken over as business entities that have influence on the future of earnings in this business and celebrity brand equity for our local stars. 
  • Generations is dead... Darling!

And we are not crying about it. After 2 decades on our television screens and dominating the ratings the once popular Mzansi soap has met its inevitable demise but don't say that to Mr Mfundi Vundla. Queen Morka is no more and by extension so is Generations. 
Now don't get confused. SABC1 still has something called Generations - The Legacy. Don't be fooled. When you hear your elders talk about Generations, they are not referring to that mess. See, once upon a time Generations was a show that was part of the fabric of our daily lives. 
Last year, a group of the show's leading cast felt they were being short changed when it came to the show's estimated R500million annual earnings. They took on their bosses and threatened to walk... Needless to say, the bosses said; Keep walking.  
Sadly that was the end of an era and even though the bosses figured they could move on without the actors, the show has proven to be a dud and so faded the "legacy" that was Generations.  
  • Afrikaans is cool again. 

Every June 16th, or if you are lucky enough to have parents who inform you frequently about or country's history, you will hear of the student massacre that happened in Soweto ignited by the student's refusal to be taught in Afrikaans. The language was considered to be the language of the oppressor as it was used by the then Apartheid regime as the official language of the governance.  
In 1994 our democratic dispensation and our then new constitution declared that all 11 spoken languages in Mzansi will be recognised as the official languages of the land. Of late however, many have expressed that the Afrikaans language was slowly being marginalised. 
Well... clearly those people do not go to the movies much because as I write this to you, Afrikaans films are the highest grossing local films. Some have actually grossed more at the South African box office than Hollywood blockbusters. 
  • Cassper is the future but don't tell him I said that. 

He may have weirded people out by posting his "alleged" bank balance on social media... really who does that?! 2014 was undoubtedly a Nyovest year and this hip-hop artist never let us forget it.

I guess modesty is overrated, but that aside, Cassper has become one of those rare artists in Mzansi who blasts onto the scene with a force that is undeniably infectious. Like him or hate him, he has changed the music game for ever.

This is a guy who proclaims his intention to be best. Obviously taking a page from Kanye and definitely not the friendly ghost, Cassper has gallantly dominated the music scene by surpassing many expectations.  
He has dominated the digital music sales and continues to have a healthy album sales record even though he is musician serving what many consider a small niche market genre. No-one could have predicted that a hip-hop artist in SA could have this much impact and he has thus fueling his perceived arrogance.   
Interestingly, it could be that very arrogance that has made him a star. Hip-hop is known for its flashy nonchalant approach to life. While the likes of Cassper can not floss the bling like their American counterparts, they can achieve the same objective by projecting similar attitudes of success and thus attract the fans. Money attracts money after all. It doesn't seem fair or make sense but that is the capitalist world we live in and Cassper may just be the genius who has figured it out. Act like you have it and they will give you more.   

Now you are set to join the conversation and engage about the industry. Happy new year and congrats on making it to your official teenage-hood years.

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