DSTV's Style Network Channel CANCELLED

The Style Network (DStv 173)  has become the first TV channel South African viewers will lose in 2015. Word is; the channel will disappear from DStv subscribers tv sets in South Africa and across the rest of the African continent by the end of January.

MultiChoice, the satellite pay-TV platform that hosts The Style Network Channel, has confirmed that the channel will no longer air on DStv from Sunday 1 February".

Due to its low ratings its parent company NBC-Universal decided to dump Style in 2013 both in America and the United Kingdom.

With the USA feed no longer existing and no supplement content coming from Style UK which served DSTV's channel this culling was inevitable. 

Oh well, truth be told, I wont miss it. Let's face it, the channel was a total bore with its constant repeats. Plus if you have E! you really did not need the Style channel anyway.

Sadly this means the compact subscribers will lose out on shows such as Fashion Police and others that are sourced from E!.

That annoying (maybe just to me) Celebrity Style Story will now move to E! Entertainment channel.

Again, this is just one of those news that do nothing for my interest since I was not a fan to begin with. That said, sorry to the channel fans. As for DSTV compact subscribers let us hope DSTV wont be losing any more channels this year.

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