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As the deadline for the SABC to pull Generations The Legacy off air by January 10th looms, we are all wondering if the SABC and MMSV will honour the Generations Actors Guild demand. I enquired with the SABC about what steps they will be taking come January 10th ... 

According to the SABC no court order regarding pulling the current Generations off air has been lodged against them therefore nothing in terms of the airing and production of the show has changed.

I specifically asked if the SABC had received any court order about the show and the spokesperson Kaiser Kganyago responded to my question by saying; 
" the SABC is not aware of such a court order"
A press release in December from the Generations Actors Guild, which is a body representing the 16 fired actors from the show, stated; 
"The cast has recently retained Senior Counsel, who has reviewed the case and identified key contractual and constitutional breaches in MMSV Productions and the SABC’s handling of the dispute.  As a result, the Generations Actors Guild has made a decision to challenge the airing of the show Generations – The Legacy, on the grounds that it is in contravention of the production house’s existing contractual terms with the cast and breaches their rights as defined in the constitution.  They have delivered a legal letter demanding that the “new” Generations be taken off air not later than 10 January 2015, failing which they will approach the court to order its removal."
For clarity I called SABC publicist and asked if they had received any legal document from GAG and she said she could not answer the question but had not been made aware of such by the legal team when she posed my question about the court order to them. 

A legal letter does not necessarily have to be a court order. It could also be a drafted letter by the lawyers stating their intentions to go to court. Regardless, whether the SABC received a legal letter or not, it does not look like they will barge. 

On the other hand, GAG still has recourse to pursue a legal action against the show. Afterall the basis of their contention is that having Generations The Legacy on air while the matter of their firing is still not resolved legally, is in breach of their contractual agreement with MMSV.  

SABC publicity tells me that Generations The Legacy will continue to be aired, on and beyond Januray 10th.  I suppose that is until they receive a court order. 

I sent an email and made a phone-call to GAG publicist and have yet to receive a response. I guess the company has not opened yet after the holidays recess.   

4 days to go... we'll see what happens next.

Catch Generations The Legacy on SABC1 weekdays at 20h00. 

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