Bujy And Lerato Kganyago Touted For Etv Talker

After I got wind of the fact that Masechaba Lekalake and Tall Ass Mo have left etv talkshow Ek Se Let's Talk, I was informed that Ochre Media has held auditions for their replacements. Two of the names being thrown around are SABC1 The Link host Lerato Kganyago and tv personality Bujy.

As I reported earlier, etv talkshow Ek Se Let's Talk is getting a make over. With the changes three of its on air talent have been outed. My understanding of the situation from my sources is that Masechaba Lekalake and Tall Ass Mo quit because they did not think they would fit the new direction of the show and Miza was canned because he just did not workout even with the old format.

Word is that Bujy and Lerato Kganyago may be joining the remaining host Refilwe Modiselle on the show. If this information is true, this would mean that Kganyago will ditch The Link and by association SABC1 for this show.

The murmur is that Kganyago was lured with a lucrative financial compensation to join the show while Bujy ... well ... he just needed a job right now so there was no convincing there.

With all the hustle Kganyago went through to gain some respect in this business I do not believe that she would ditch Bongoe Productions like that after Pepsi pretty much gave her a break she desperately needed. I don't see it. Being on SABC1 has given Kganyago a platform, which she deserves in my opinion, to showcase her talent and earn some credibility as a star.

I agree coming from her own talkshow on Soweto TV, where she excelled and was really more at ease, to doing The Link was a big jump that may have not worked in showcasing her as a formidable tv host but the move has given her star power.

Leaving The Link now might not be such a smart move if she is not being pushed out. Let's be frank. Lerato is a celebrity now but she is hardly a power player in the business yet. She still has not reached the stratosphere of that other lady she is always compared to. Her career right now rests on not pissing people off. 

On a selfish personal point, I would be happy to see Lerato go back to her talker roots. The woman was a natural. I used to love watching her on the LKG. However, my understanding of the changes at Ek Se is that the show will be more celebrity and gossip driven which is something that would not be a growth for Lerato.

As for Bujy, he is a great guy and everyone loves him. Sadly though he is the stereotypical gay man people love to laugh at. He laps it up and has made a career out of it. Good for him. I see why Ochre would want him on the show if they are going the VEntertaiment 10/10 route. Truth be told, he would be great for that.

Anyway, no confirmation or official statement for the channel or the production company yet. For now, congrats if they got the job, if not I will keep you guys posted on who will be replacing Masechaba and Tall Ass Mo.

Sidebar: If they hire Lerato does this mean Refilwe will continue to be a sidekick because I do not see Lerato leaving her own show on SABC1 to go be a number 2 on another channel with lesser viewers.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the information that Bujy and Lerato auditioned to replace Masechaba and Tall Ass Mo are inaccurate. The show has been cancelled and the gossip show is a different show. Read more on that HERE.

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