Ek Se Let's Talk CANCELLED — ETV Working On A New Show

Yesterday I wrote an article about some issues surrounding Etv talkshow, Ek Se Let's Talk. I will admit that the article had some few inaccuracies that I will have to clear up. I can report factually that Ek Se Lets Talk has been cancelled. 

In the previous article I correctly reported that Masechaba Lekalake had resigned from the show. I also reported that the show will be going through some changes. I also reported that Tall Ass Mo had also resign and Refilwe Modiselle will be staying on the show, and she will be joined by new hosts.

After some fact checking and conversation with few parties involved in this I can unequivocally retract some of those reports. 

1. Refilwe Modiselle is not staying with the show as it is [obviously] cancelled. 

The departure of Masechaba Lekalake rendered the possibility of continuing with the show impossible as she was the anchor of the show's premise. By that default, Tall Ass Mo and Refilwe Modiselle also had to be let go as the show was not continuing. 

2. Ek Se Let's Talk will NOT be employing Bujy and Lerato Kganyago.

This is a partial inaccuracy as Bujy and Lerato have indeed been ear marked for a show but it is NOT Ek Se Lets Talk. 


Etv will however be introducing a new gossip show soon. The show has been in the works for some time according to my credible sources.

This show was never set out to replace Ek Se. The show was already in development when the decision to cancel Ek Se arose. I am informed that the show would have still happened even if Masechaba had not resigned.

APOLOGY: While I will not retract the whole article I will offer my sincere apologies to Refilwe and her fans if my article may have cast her in a negative light. Refilwe is a good friend of mine, I spoke to her and we are ok.

I would also like to extend a sincere apology to Ochre Media and Etv. This should have been a three way conversation before writting the piece since this was not just an opinion piece but a report.  

I am human and I take what I do seriously. I also understand that my position can have implications on other people's careers. My integrity as a human being far outweighs my commitment to share information about the industry with the public.

I do what I do because I love this industry. I have no interest or intention in sensationalizing anything that is why you will never see me reporting on gossip or people's personal lives if it has nothing to do with their jobs.

Errors are made by humanbeings, I too am susceptible to that. Your trust is important to me and when I feel I have made an error or misled you in any way, I will be the first to point that out and apologise.  I am not about personal attacks on social media so I offer this apology with the understanding that some will use it to besmirch my character [we all have haters] but I am ok with that.

For the record, I trust the credibility of my source on that story. The facts on the information were inaccurate but not fabricated. I rushed to write the article before I could receive a response from other parties. Situations evolve and there might have been some changes along the way from what my source might have initially been privy to.

I am expecting an official response from etv regarding this matter and I will keep you posted.


PhilMphela said...

But Phil you are doing it again mos. What if etv comes out and says this report is also inaccurate? I know they're unlikely to do so this time, but my point is,you should have gotten their side first before writing this apology/correction. This is afterall, a report and not an opinion piece.

PhilMphela said...

Oh my bad, I didnt see that last part

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