Masechaba Lekalake And Tall Ass Mo Quit Ek Se — The Ochre Blunder

Who said Etv has no drama of its own? In what could possibly rival Generations 16 firing fiasco — the good kid of the tv channels, etv, is faced with its own tumultuous but less dramatic talent exit drama. Prolific TV/Radio host Masechaba Lekalake and funny man Tall Ass Mo have left etv talker Ek Se - Let's Talk. 

This biggest shock broke this week that Ek Se - Let's Talk With Masechaba Lekalake will continue sans Lekalake. The obvious question was why? Masechaba was the face and anchor of the show.

Word from those privy to the information say Ochre Media, which produces the show, pulled a surprise on the hosts by announcing that plans were underway to revamp the show and turn it into a gossip/entertainment talk ala SABC3's Tongue in Cheek.

Problem? Masechaba Lekalake was not only a host on the show but through her company's partnership with Ocher to produce the show she was also the associate producer. This meant any changes to the show would have had to be communicated with her but were not.

I am informed that Tall Ass Mo and Masechaba Lekalake were taken aback by the sudden change and when Ochre tried to convince them to stay they refused based on the direction that the show was going to take. Let's face it, Masechaba Lekalake can not be competing with VEntertainment. The woman has MC'd gala dinners for Presidents and political dignitaries. 

Etv, unlike that Generations fiasco, is reported to have come to the defense of the hosts by demanding answers from the production company and trying to broker an amicable deal between parties but with Lekalake and Tall Ass Mo not prepared to put their integrity on the line for fluff tv, the channel was unable to convince them to stay. 

Remaining on the couch is Refilwe Modiselle who it can now be assumed that is happy with the new direction of the show. Modiselle will be joined by new faces and they will be dishing on the latest saucy stories of Mzansi's Alisters.

Here's the thing; I get that it was easy for etv to accept the change that Ochre wanted to make on the show. However, this is just bad for the credibility of the show. After building it as a platform where young black intelligent South African can have a conversation about real serious issue, they are now going to turn it into a celebrity show that is going to pander to the gossip mongering craze of tabloid fodder.

The same show that had young brilliant minds discussing the effect of poverty on crime and the responsibility of the black middle class in SA to change perceptions about black culture will now be covering Amanda Du Pont's breasts.

Someone sat there and thought this was such a brilliant idea!! Why didnt Ochre just create another show?

Kudos to Masechaba and Tall Ass Mo for putting their artistic and moral integrity ahead of just "being on tv". Our industry certainly needs pioneers and trailblazers like this. We need more young talent that will stand for they believe in this industry. It can not always be about the paycheque.

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