Giuliana Rancic's Racist Dreadlocks Remark on Fashion Police

I do not throw racist around a lot but sometimes a brotha has to call it as he sees it. While I do not think E! Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic is a racist woman, I cringed when I heard the comment she made of actress Zendaya's hair at the Oscars. And yes ... I thought it was racist!

The 2015 Oscars did not spark any interest from me. As usual though I turned to Fashion Police for some report on the redcarpet fashion, and the not-so-funny-without-Joan-Rivers show had its fair share of fashion zingers and gaga moments.

It all went south very quickly when actress Zendaya Coleman, (don't worry if you don't know who she is, that's not the important part) strutted on the carpet rocking a faux locs.

 Giuliana Rancic described Zendaya’s locs as making her look like she “smells like patchouli oil … or maybe weed.

Ok, fair enough. We the absence of Joan and the impending demise of Fashion Police — yeah I dont see it lasting for long, everyone on that panel is crambling for quick witty zingers. Joan did that very well and could get away for being offensive because she was JOAN RIVERS. I know it sounds bias but we forgive our grandmas and grandpas for saying stupid thing all the time. It is to be expected that they have know filter.

Giuliana is not a comedian nor is she old enough to get that pass Joan enjoyed. Again YES her remarks were racially insensitive. 

It took only a few hours and Zendaya hit back with this message vis Instagram;

Personally I wish she hadn't but any publicity is good publicity and seeing as she is the victim here it works squarely in her favour so good for her. 

That said, Fashion Police should just be cancelled. It has lost it irreverence and dry humour. Without Joan they are just a ticking bomb waiting to happen. Note that E!. You have been warned. 

As for Zendaya, she looked stunning and now she is the most talked about person from the Oscars 2015.

Giulianna did apologise via Twitter; 

But still ...

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