Dawn Matthews QUITS Scandal

After 10 years of brilliantly playing the devious and sometimes misunderstood character of Shakira on etv soapie Scandal, actress Dawn Matthews has decided to leave the show ... apparently for love.

Yep word is that Matthews is leaving Mzansi to be with her hubby in the United States. She is married to American Charlie Sarpadin.

The pair have reportedly decided to leave our shores and setup home in the US. There is no clarity as to weather Matthews will be abandoning her acting career completely or will try building her name in the US.

One thing that is certain is that the actress will leave an indelible mark on SA tv history as one of the most prolific actors of our time. With Shakira, Matthews managed to create an uneasy love affair between viewers and her character. We loved to hate Shakira.

More details will follow once I have spoken with the Scandal people about this. 

I wish Dawn and her family well. Wherever she goes, her talent will carry her through. Hopefully our girl will take on Hollywood in the states.

Farewell Dawn!! Farewell Shakira!

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