Generations The Legacy Goes Global Via YouTube

Just in; SABC has announced that Generations The Legacy fans can now join a potential audience of billion by watching the show on YouTube. Yep the show made its YouTube debut this week. 

Now Generations The Legacy fans can watch each episode (in three parts) on the internet immediately after it airs on television.

The latest tv ratings figures show that the show has breached the former glory of big numbers that its predecessor enjoyed in South Africa. 

SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago told TimesLive that the number of views for Generations on YouTube was "encouraging" and that "word of mouth" had helped Intersexions hit 75,000 views without promotion or advertising.
"We believe that, with some promotion behind it, the seven-day catch-up on TV content of the SABC can build a significant following," Kganyago said. 
"The SABC is a premium content partner of YouTube and as such our revenue share is higher than that of individuals or companies that do not have the same status.

But there is more to this than just convenient viewing for fans or an attemot to attract vieweres. It also about money. The former Generations was a major cash cow for the SABC hence the subsequent contention over money between the production company and its stars. 

This latest venture by the "new Generations" means more money for the show. While the SABC would not divulge how much of the advertising revenue YouTube pockets from the deal, one can expect that both parties will be making some extra ching from the venture. 

On the subject Kganyago said to Times;

"The exact revenue share is confidential but as an indication it is better than 50/50 in favour of the SABC."
Let's just hope that the actors are also benefiting financially from this new venture by the show. 

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