Angolan Artist Coréon Dú To Launch Album In Mzansi

In a wake for call for united Africa following the deplorable situation with xenophobic attacks, Coréon Dú, an enigmatic multi-media artist, known for generating groundbreaking pop-culture phenomena in his native Angola and in the Latin world is bringing his new album, Binario, to South Africa.

Produced by Grammy Award-winning, Venezuelan-born, American producer Andres Levin, Coréon ìs infectious beats and heartfelt writing in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, combined with an audacious visual style, balances on his unique brand of music based on Kizomba and Kuduro, a blend of African beats with international dance sounds and tropical blends.

When released internationally, Binario generated two singles that reached the top 30 in the American Billboard Tropical chart, “Amor Robotico” and “Bailando Kizomba”, earning Coréon a newfound and growing fan base in the U.S., Mexico, France, Spain and Portugal.

Though this US-raised Angolan artist, has recently become known for his music career, Coréon Dú is also being feted for his critically acclaimed work as a creative director, writer and producer for film and television of the International Emmy Nominated soap opera, “Windeck”.

A true renaissance man, at the same time, Coréon ìs also turning heads for his unique sense of style and eye for fashion whether it is with his daring street style or scouting fashion ìs next supermodel (he unearthed beauties such as international runway stars Amilna Estevao ,  Mauza Antonio or Maria Borges ).

Inspired by his own fans’ requests for his stage and street looks, Coréon then created the WeDú by Coréon Dú fashion line. At first, simply the artist’s own merchandise, WeDú by Coréon Dú has since grown into a fashion line that caters to those who value bold, creative expression and cosmopolitan comfort.

WeDú by Coréon Dú is already available in Angola and select African territories, with a growing demand in the new territories where Coréon ìs art and style are being discovered.

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