Business Connexion Unveiled MyWorld of Tomorrow Africa 2015 Conference and Exhibition

If you are into technology and innovation, as I'd liketo think I am, Business Connexion unveiled its second annual, MyWorld of Tomorrow Africa 2015 Conference and Exhibition themed “An African Evolution of Technology and Innovation” at an Innovation Breakfast, this week, at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg

The innovation breakfast anchored on facilitating, unpacking and encouraging dialogue on the future of technology and its impact on African lives, addressed and gave special focus to an African future fuelled by technology and creating African solutions through Innovation.

Themed “Innovation through Technology,” the programme included an interactive panel discussion with leading innovation experts, Matthew Blewett: Chief Investment Officer at Business Connexion, Deena Govender: Electric Mobility Specialist and Customer Relations Manager, BMW Group South Africa and Vernon Thaver, Chief Technology Officer at Cisco.

Environments like MyWorld of Tomorrow Africa encourage foreign investment and help to break down social and technology barriers. When people begin to understand the relevance of technology in their particular industry or area of interest that will create value.” said Blewett.
In its second year, MyWorld of Tomorrow Africa 2015 will lead in reaffirming Africa as a continent that is progressive, inspired, captivating and above all actively involved in creating an Africa of tomorrow.

The three-day technology experience set to take place later this year in October encompasses a diverse range of sectors from SMMEs the youth and various technology communities as well as the Private and Public sectors. This compelling movement will showcase future products and services by leading innovative brands. It is set to be the melting pot of technology and business where norms will be challenged and exciting solutions presented.

“The innovation breakfast is a significant engagement that aims to ensure longevity with our current stakeholders, a unique environment to network, collaborate and promote the greater vision of becoming part of a collective movement of forward thinkers.” Blewett added.
The 2015 MyWorld of Tomorrow Africa experience is said be considerably bigger and better, embodying a natural progression, geared to unlock the ability to cultivate meaningful interaction for the evolution of innovation in Africa.

My experience of MyWorld of Tomorrow 2014 was an exceptional one. As some one who has used technology, the internet to be exact, to carve a career for myself, I was thrilled to be at the conference and learn of more ways to further expand my avenues through technology and innovation. 

I am also a gadget freak. The exhibition last year had some cool gadgets on display. I'm looking forward to seeing what the organisers have in store for us this year. 

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