Ishmael Album Launch | CanDo Concert in Tshwane

Ishmael launched his latest album titled,  I am the ISH, with a concert sponsored by Can Do and SAADA, which took place at Sefako Makgatho Health Science University sport ground  in Garankuwa, Tshwane. Sadly Ish was overshadowed by the plethora of talent he had to sit on the sidelines for ...

The invitation said this was going to be Ishmael's album launch and arriving at the venue there were some semblance of Ish love with the banners baring his face and a few on camera interviews.

Interestingly though, once the show starting kicking up gear, one could have easily been forgiven for thinking this was just a Can Do event. With a lineup that included the likes of Kwesta, WInnie Khumalo, Kelly Khumalo, Mandoza and Tuks, to name just a few, the fact that this was supposed to be Ishmael's launch got lost in the fray.

Nonetheless the event was a crowd-pleaser. Of course the Kelly — vocal diva of Mzansi,  was the star attraction. This woman is talented. Hers stage presence and attention to detail in her performances makes her a thrill to watch on stage. She delivered a stellar performance and the audince loved it, myself included.

The surprise for me came courtesy of the slender rapper Kwesta. I am a moderate local hiphop fan. A rapper has to be exceptional for me to notice them regardless of the hype. One such talent is Kwesta. I was blown away by his lyrical talent. Forget about the catchy rhymes for a sec and just listen to the guy and you will hear a storyteller.

Why oh why is Kwesta not the biggest artist in Mzansi Hip Hop, beats me. The guy should be raking in endorsements and record sales. He is not trying to be an American like some rappers and doesnt seem to have the ego that cloaks that other multi-awardwinning local rapper.  I am a new Kwesta fan.

Thank you SAADA for the invitation and trip to Tshwane.  

 PS: And Zola was there...

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