Noah's Arc Star Wants To Record Music — With YOUR Help!

Remember Wade? The star of Patrik Ian Polk's hugely popular series Noah's Arc who went on to star in TrueBlood is making some music. Yep Jensen Atwood is planning to record his debut album and has asked fans to help him do it. 

Last week the actor turned to America's popular crowd funding site GoFundMe and posted an ad asking for fans to donate money so that he can record his debut album. 

The ad reads; 
I need your HELP! Im finally recording my DEBUT ALBUM. And yes, I'm on here asking YOU for money to help me make my dream come true. I'm doing this all on my own. And You CAN make a difference in my life. Please,  Any amount will help. 
My name is Jensen (Sin). My bands name is DREAMKILLAZ. The Producers are  VINYLSTONE. 
Where the funds will go:
- Studio time (recording, musicians, mixing, mastering)
- Creation of physical merchandise (album art, printing the CDs)
- Chicken (yes chicken from Juan  Pollo :)
- Promotion (mailing CDs to radio stations around the US, Canada, and Europe)

Never would have pegged Jensen for a crooner but hey one more talent just makes him ... (you catch my drift). 

As I write this Jensen had raised just over R10 000 {in 4 days} of the R200 000 he needs for his project. 

GoFundMe is a website that allows you to sign up and ask for donation for whatever project you may need funding for. Jensen joins a number of celebrities such as TLC, Whoopi Goldberg and Spike Lee who have turned to the sites like this to raise funds for their projects.

If you want to help Jensen you can make your donations at

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