Pabi Moloi To Host New Etv Talker With Tol A$$ Mo and Dineo Moeketsi

Etv has a new talker debuting this month. Well... it is not so much a new show but more like a revamped version of the cancelled 'Ek Se Let's Talk with Masechaba Lekalake". Pabi Moloi has been roped in to head this new talker called, Ek Se Zwakala.
With a plethora of talkshows on screen right now and the fact that this show will certainly be compared to its predecessor one obvious wonders what Moloi is bring that has not been explored before.

What made Ek Se Let's Talk edgy was the street lingo and connection the hosts and the show had, though the show did not do well ratings wise.

Moloi and Moeketsi are anything but street. I do not even think I have ever heard Pabi speak any language beside English.

Moeketsi on the other hand does have some edgier side to her. She does s tremendous job as a host on VEntertainment but can come across as a little to prim and tad aloof. This could actually work great for her as it may expose viewers to a more relaxed and different side to her.

Ek Se Zwakala will debut on Etv on April 21st at 6pm.

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