Stoan Takes On Cycling To Promote North West Province — His Home Turf

Itsoseng-born Stoan Seate is taking part in a cycle campaign themed “Ikgate Motlhala” in aid of raising funds for school children and early development centres in and around the province of Bokone Bophirima (North West). The Ikgate Motlhala - an inaugural cycle challenge adopted by Stoan Seate as part of the 4020Phenomenon is scheduled to take place from 3rd – 9Th May. 
This social campaign aims to raise money and essential services that will help uplift disadvantaged schools and early development centres within the province of Bokone Bophirima.

The campaign will see Stoan and cyclist friends begin a gruelling challenge of cycling 340km from Gauteng to North West Mafikeng in five days. They will ride past Haartebees, quite villages of Rustenburg over Swartruggens and end the journey in Mafikeng, the Capital City of the North West Province. 
 Along the way they will be visiting schools, various communities and points of interests. This journey will be documented through videos and stills which will be shared and uploaded on the official Ikgate Motlhala platforms.

4020Phenomenon Founder Stoan Seate said, “It’s exciting to be going back to the place that cemented a pathway for me and others. As an agent of change I will be giving back to various communities that raised the man that I am today”.

The department of North West Tourism is confirmed as a partner for the cycle challenge and their partnership will ensure that all the cyclists journey through the beautiful country side scenery, villages and farmlands of the Province. 
MEC of Tourism Desbo Mohono commented, 
“On behalf of the Province we are thrilled to be injecting exuberance to the province and equally so we are delighted to have Stoan and friends visiting and giving back to the community that profiled and amplified their careers.”
Cyclist participating in the Ikgate Motlhala cycling challenging will go through a rigorous training preparation, nutritional advice and psychological observation to pre-empt them for the challenge. En-route to the Province there will be a team of Health practitioners and safety officials who will ensure the safety of cyclists on the road.

The event is expected to raise money, perishable and non-perishable goods. Donors who wish to sponsor can send an email to or call 011 782 6208.

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